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Brian Friedman - 42 - Los Angeles

Celebrity Director/Choreographer

Brian Friedman is a celebrity dancer/choreographer and director who gave OneHead the mandate a few months ago to give him back a full head a perfect looking hair!


His lifestyle is very active, he's always on the go and spend a lot of time behind and in front of cameras. His hair has always been an important part of his look and mission accomplished, he's got it all back!


Thank you Brian for sharing your experience.

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Yuri - 41 - London

I was so insecure about my balding hair that I used to wear a cap almost every day of my life.

My new OneHead hair system has completely changed my life, forever. I feel sexier and more confident than ever. I can't imagine my life without it now.


Thank God for OneHead!


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Rishi - 34 - Birmingham

Like many, I considered a hair transplant vs getting a hair system. In my case, I was told transplants are not guaranteed and the cost was extortionate. After over a year of research I settled for OneHead Hair Solutions. They offered me a flexible payment plan but more importantly the quality of hair and the after service were and are the best in the industry!

I can bath, swim, and do all my usual activities without any issues. I knew my life changed when I stopped getting anxiety about socialising and dating. I can't believe I went out shopping to buy hair products after years of trying hair regrowth products that just don’t work.

Thank you OneHead, you truly changed my life!


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