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Yes, OneHead is an opportunity to change your life and take back control of your appearance with an innovative, non-surgical hair replacement solution that suits everyone and every lifestyle in a truly simple and affordable way.


The solution we offer is high-end hair pieces (systems) made of 100% real human hair. The hair system is designed to replace the balding or thinning hair area on the top of the head, offering you a brand new full head of natural looking hair and a younger and fresher look.

Why Choose Us?

Industry Leaders

Our top of the line products combined with our unique customer service have made OneHead Hair Solutions a worldwide leader in the hair replacement industry.

We Create, We Innovate

Unlike most competitors, we create our own signature premade hair systems and we design high-grade premium bespoke hair systems to suit your needs and lifestyle. 

Quality and Durability

Consistency is our priority. We design all our hair replacement units, whether they are premade or custom made with the same great attention to quality and durability to ensure a reliable, long-lasting, perfect natural look

Real Customer Service

Live phone and video calls assistance; live chats and complete instructions videos and guides. We'll always be there to assist and help you, wherever you are.

15 Years Of Experience

With over 15 years of knowledge and personal experiences in the hair loss industry, we have seen, compared and tested ourselves various surgical and non-surgical treatments and hair replacement solutions.


We'll provide highly professional counselling and support during every step of your hair replacement process.  

A New Unique and Realistic Look

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Seamless Graduated Hairline

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Real High-Grade
Human Hair

Same Worry-Free Lifestyle

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Client Testimony
Brian Friedman

Celebrity director and choreographer Brian Friedman shares his personal hair loss experience and explains how OneHead completely changed his life.

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