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What is OneHead

It’s an experience

It starts with innovative, non-surgical hair replacement solutions that suit everyone and every lifestyle in a truly simple, undetectable and affordable way.

OneHead is not just about getting that perfect head of hair you always dreamed of, it’s the chance to feel good about yourself again. To be confident to face the world in ways that you never thought were possible or imagined before.

It’s time to change your life

It’s time to take back control

Starting with your hair

Starting with OneHead

Our priority

Your satisfaction and happiness

We take care of every single aspect of your experience. From personalised consulting and guiding, to design and servicing and, most importantly, continuous, caring, accessible customer service.

Our philosophy

We believe in you

We believe in the power that hair has to make you feel good, and that everyone has the right and the potential to look and feel confident about their image.

We know that having a full head of thick and healthy-looking hair makes a significant difference for most people.

We also know that there are a lot of solutions out there that claim to be efficient without really giving you the ultra-realistic, affordable and long-lasting results that you truly want. OneHead is here to change that.

The Founders

How it started

OneHead was founded by Michael and Vincent – two French-Canadian professionals and long-time friends. They are both native from the Province of Quebec’s capital, Quebec City, where they achieved academic bachelor’s degrees before pursuing their professional career for many years in the metropolitan city of Montreal.

In 2014, they respectively relocated to Vancouver, Canada and London, United Kingdom to explore new professional and personal life experiences.

Michael OneHead Hair
Vincent OneHead Hair

Over the last 10 years, Michael and Vincent have researched, discovered and experienced various hair replacement solutions themselves and, with friends and family working in this industry, they were able to deepen and perfect their knowledge of the hair loss market.

Now that they have a clear understanding of the different products and options available, they want to share this knowledge with the world and offer counselling and guidance to men and women who are suffering from hair loss and who are not sure of what and who to turn to.

In June 2017, with their hands full of resources, their heads overflowing ideas and their heart in the right place, they created OneHead.

We’re here to really help.