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Ultra Hold Contour Tape - CC Shape

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Our lace system with skin edges is crafted with our high-grade lace material, combined with a 1.5-inch reinforcement strip of 0.06 mm polyurethane material around the edges of the sides and the back. This particular design offers the lace material's breathability and the durability and strengthened bond of the poly material.

The presence of these two different base materials allows for other bonding methods, such as combinations of liquid adhesive (glue) and tape.

The fact that it combines two base materials does not necessarily make it a superior choice to our all-lace or all-skin models. Each design has unique features that will meet particular requirements, match personal tastes and suit different lifestyles better.


Product Details

Base Material: High-grade mesh/lace material with 0.06 mm polyurethane (poly) edges around the sides and back

Default Size: 10 x 8 inches (Length x Width)

Hair Grade: Remy Indian

Density: Medium-light (90%-110%)

Wave/Curl: Standard body wave

Lifespan: 4 to 6 months

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