Skin + Lace Front Premade Hair System

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Durability 4 to 6 months
Units Needed / Year 2 to 3 Units/Year
Base Material High-Grade Lace front and middle with a 1.5 inches strip of 0.06mm Poly (Skin) around the edges
Base sizes

Available in 4 sizes

8 x 10 inches

7 x 9 inches

6 x 9 inches

6 x 8 inches

(Each size can be cut to size with measurements)

Hair Length 6 inches
Hair Type Remy Indian Hair

Medium Light with gradual hairline

Curl Pattern
Standard Natural Body Wave


Our OneHybrid system is designed with our high-grade lace material combined with a 1.5 inches reinforcement strip of 0.08mm poly material around the edges, the back and behind the hairline.  This special design offers the breathability of the lace material as well the durability and strengthened bond of the poly material.


The presence of the two different base materials allows different bonding methods such as combinations of liquid adhesive (glue) and tape.


The fact that it combines two base materials does not naturally makes it a superior choice than our OneLace or OneSkin models. Each design has unique features that will meet particular requirements, match personal tastes and suit different lifestyles better.

Options of customisation

% of GREY

Our OneHybrid hair system is a new type of unit that we are gradually integrating into our pre-made range.  For this reason, we are not yet offering the % of grey for this color.  It will be coming soon but in the meantime it can be requested with a custom order


Our Hybrid PreMade hair system comes in a standard base size of 8 inches wide x 10 inches long, as well as 7 x 9 inches, 6 x 9 inches and 6 x 8 inches long.  Additionally we are happy to offer the service to pre-cut any of those systems base material to match the size of your determined balding area. 

Please indicate in the 2 boxes below which size you would like to cut the hair system base material.

The first number indicates the width from side to side and the second number indicates the length from front to back.  Inches or centimetres are accepted.

Skin + Lace Front Premade Hair System
Skin + Lace Front Premade Hair System
Skin + Lace Front Premade Hair System
Skin + Lace Front Premade Hair System