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Medical 1522 Contour Tape

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Are you suffering from an allergy or have you ever suffered from a hair allergy due to incorrect placement of your hair prosthesis?

LuxHair wants to offer you the peace of mind of being able to continue using your prosthesis normally and safely, even if you have an allergy, without having to give up your hair and still feel safe. The 1522 tape is an old acquaintance of the industry that LuxHair brings to the market in a renewed format. This new tape is characterized by its gentleness to the scalp and easy cleaning. Being a harmless tape, it will never cause a skin reaction even on users with the most sensitive skin, making this tape a great hypoallergenic option.



  • Extra safe hold for up to 2 days
  • Recommended for users who maintaining their prosthesis daily or every few days.
  • Contains the least aggressive adhesive on the market which makes them very easy to remove.
  • Transparent colour and low detectability.
  • Available in different contours: straight, LF and CC.
  • Specific formulation for hair adhesion in prosthesis, wigs, and extensions.

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