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GhostMist - 6 oz

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Our friends at Pro Hair Labs have always stood at the crossroads of science and hair products, and they’ve concocted some of our favorite adhesives, removers, and shampoos in the process.

Now the makers of Ghost Bond are blurring the lines between finishing sprays and conditioners. Ghost Mist Finishing Spray with Argan Oil is a spray-on leave-in conditioner that protects your hair and gives it a lasting shine.

Environmental conditions, daily styling, and natural wear and tear can suck the life out of your hair. Ghost Mist pumps that life right back in, with a blend of antioxidants and Vitamin E found in Argan Oil. It even provides natural UV protection!

Another way Ghost Mist protects your hair is by detangling it. Your system will be easy to maintain throughout the day, whether it’s human or synthetic. Ghost Mist Finishing Spray gives your hair a barrier against environmental damage—and your blow-dryer—and seals up your split ends to prevent further damage. It’s even safe for use with heat styling tools.

Best of all? Ghost Mist brings on the shine! This stuff does more than just rejuvenate and protect! Spritz on this high-shine Finishing Spray, comb it through, and put on your shades on.

Ghost Mist Finishing Spray is your daily finishing touch. Try it out to shine, nourish and protect your hair with confidence!

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