Our Models

Barry - 27 - Paris

Onehead gave me the life I always dreamed of since I started losing my hair at age of 17. They offered me a completely unnoticeable, natural looking, high quality hair system at a very affordable price.

One big love OneHead

Kevin - 26 - Madrid

I can't explain how much of a positive change OneHead had on my life. I feel like a new person, I am smiling so much more and even my friends noticed how confident and happy I was. I couldn't be more satisfied with the whole experience!

Thank you OneHead, forever grateful.

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Vincent - 35 - Madrid

I’ve been wearing a hair system for the past 12 years and it was the best decision I ever took. It changed my life in the most positive way possible. It gave me back the self-esteem that I had lost at a very young age and I wouldn’t have had the confidence to get through everything that my life put it my way if I didn’t feel so good about myself.

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Declan - 28 - London

I’ve been with a few hair replacement companies but nothing came close to the quality of the OneHead products and I can’t express how grateful and pleased I am with my new hair. Vincent, the owner has inspired me and been an incredible support along the way and I can’t thank him and the team enough for their support and guidance. I feel like Declan again, and I feel damn good with it too!

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Serge - 34 - Montreal

OneHead made me reborn! I feel like a new man every day. Getting a hair system is without a single doubt the best decision I took of my whole life.

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Danny - 27 - Rotterdam

Since I started wearing my OneHead hair system, I feel more confident than ever. It really changed me as a person and I would recommend it to everybody who's self-esteem has been low due to hair loss

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Alex - 33 - London

My experience with Vincent, Adam and his team in London has been excellent and for anyone considering giving it a go, my advice would be: why not? You literally have nothing to loose. The experience is amazing and always fun to see how all your family friends and colleagues react when you have your mini 'makeover'

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Kyle - 27 - London

Confident, uplifted and empowered is how I felt after having my system fitted. I was apprehensive at first having had a shaven head for 10 years but I was so shocked and pleased with the results! I felt like the OneHead team really listened and did what was right for me and my style.

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