First Order Guide

First Order Guide

Step 1

Choose the right product

Helping You Make The Right Choice

Deciding between our two different products, premade or custom made hair systems can be difficult or maybe even confusing, especially if your are a first time customer.


We know there are many options to look at and to help you understand everything better, we have created a very helpful side-by-side comparison table that contains detailed information and that clarifies which options are available for each product.

Before you look at our comparison table, here are 4 important key points that we want you to keep in mind

No Wrong

There is no wrong choice or a lesser option. Some of our clients are only wearing premade units while others prefer custom ones. It will depend on your personal requirements and tastes, your lifestyle and your overall budget

High Quality and Realistic

Both our premade and custom made options are built using only the high-grade hair quality that is unique to OneHead and they both have realistic, graduated hairlines that provide a seamless natural look, whatever you product choice is

Try Them

Your first choice is not your last one. Our hair systems have a lifespan of 4 to 6 months, so there will always be an opportunity to try both options. Some clients eager to start the process will begin with a premade unit and change for a custom one later on. Experiencing each option is the best way to know what suits you best


One of the most important difference between our premade and custom hair systems is the limited options that a premade unit offers. While being a perfect option for some, it simply won't meet some people's needs in terms of color, density, % of grey hair, curls, base size or hair length. The table below will clarify these limitations

Premade Hair Systems Custom Made Hair Systems
From $395.00
To $495.00
From $795.00
Within 2 to 3 Weeks
Within 12 Weeks
OneLace / OneSkin / OneHybrid Units
- 4 to 6 months average lifespan
- 2 to 3 units/year will be needed

OneSkin Ultra Unit
- 2 to 3 months average lifespan
- 4 to 6 units/year will be needed
The average lifespan of our custom units is 4 to 6 months depending on the type base material, on the client's usage and lifestyle and on the frequency / quality of maintenance given to it
2 to 3 units/year will be needed
High-Grade Remy Indian Hair
Superior Authentic Remy European Hair
A choice of 4 different base materials designs
OneLace System
High-Grade Lace
OneSkin System
Thin 0.06mm Poly
OneHybrid System
Lace front and center with a 1.5in strip of Poly 0.06mm around the edges
OneSkin Ultra System
Ultra-Thin 0.03mm Poly
All premade hair systems base material options (See left column) are available for custom orders
Any other desired design combining the different base materials we offer is also possible
All premade units come in default standard size of 8 inches width x 10 inches length.
We also offer the service to cut-to-size if you provide us with desired width and length measurements of your balding / thinning area
We can also cut the unit based on a plastic template / mold of your balding / thinning area (instead of measurements)
** We will assist you in taking the measurements or creating a template **   
Every custom order hair system will be built from the start using a template of the client’s balding / thinning area ensuring a personalised hairline shape and a perfect fit
** We will assist you in creating the template **
12 colors available
Grey hair up to 50% available*
*Varies depending on the model ad the main hair color
A choice of over 100 colors
Color matching process validated via a hair sample
Grey hair % up 100% possible
Grey hair % distribution per zones possible (font, temples, middle, back, sides)
Combination of colors, Dual Colors, Highlights and any type of color design possible.
All our premade hair systems come with standard straight hair / natural body wave
Chemical waiving / curling process is also available on request.  Up to Light Curl (15mm) maximum
10 different grades of waves and curls available with a custom order:
- Straight / Natural Body Wave  (36mm)
- Light Wave (32mm)
- Medium Wave (25mm)
- Strong Wave (19mm)
- Light Curl (15mm)
- Medium Curl (13mm)
- Strong Curl (10mm)
- Light Afro (6mm)
- Medium Afro (4mm)
- Tight Afro (2mm)
All premade models come with a Freestyle standard style.  No particular hair direction, no parting and a centered natural crown
Any desired type of hair direction, parting and crown positioning possible
Left, Right or Center Crown positioning options
*Or custom position based on template
Left, Right or Center Parting options
All premade models are made with our personally designed Medium-Light density.  A well balanced, realistic, quantity and thickness of hair for a very natural look
All units have a realistic, graduated hairline
A custom order offers unlimited density customisation possibilities, from Ultra-Light to Ultra-Dense
 Special density customisation per zones (front, middle, crown, back, sides) possible, giving the hair system an ultra personalised result according to the customer’s natural hair density and desired look
All premade models come with our standard 6 inches hair length
Hair length from standard 6 inches up to 24 inches available*
*Base price will vary according to any added length from the standard 6 inches

Step 2

Place the order

Now that you know which product you wish to order, the next step is to place the order directly in our online Shop


You will need to add a maintenance products starter kit to your first order. They are also available in the Shop section under Maintenance Products.

step 3

send hair sample/template

For most first ever order, you will need to send us a hair sample for the color match process or/and a template of your balding area if you are ordering a custom made hair system.


You can these items to us at the following addresses:


USA/Canada/Rest of the world:

OneHead Hair Solutions
Attn: Michael Couture
4445 Jeanne D’arc
Apt. 1 (Building Left Side)
Montreal, Quebec
Canada, H1X 2E2



OneHead Hair Solutions
Attn: Vincent Laroche
31 Calle Luis Cabrera
Apt. 1 Izquierda
Madrid, Spain


Please follow these instructions to send the package:


1) Send it with a tracking number in case the package gets lost or delayed


2) Indicate that you are sending a "synthetic" hair sample to avoid issues with customs


3) Send us the tracking number via email or whatsapp (info in the Contact Us section)

Step 4

Order processing

Once we receive you hair sample and/or template, we will start processing your order.


Premade Hair Systems:


With a template: 2-3 weeks production/handling/shipping delay


With measurements only: 1-2 weeks handling/shipping


Custom Made Hair Systems:


12 Weeks production time from the day we receive your hair sample/template


Step 5

order shipping

Once our factory has finished preparing/producing your hair system, we will receive it at our head office and we will prepare your order for shipment.


We will ship you the hair system and the maintenance products starter kit that you have chosen all together.


We ship with international couriers UPS and DHL. Your will be updated with a tracking number once the package is ready for shipment.

step 6

fitting of te hair system

Option 1


Fitting of the hair in one of our official affiliated points of service. See Contact Us section for details.


Option 2


Live Video Assisted Fitting and Training Session with the hairdresser of your choice in your city.


step 7

next order timeframe

Most of our new clients are asking us when they need to order their next hair system. This mainly depends on the type of hair system (Premade or Custom) that you are desiring to get for your next order.


Premade Hair Systems:


Our Premade Hair Systems can be shipped to you within just 2-3 weeks so there is no need to plan the order until your hair systems starts showing signs that it will need to be replaced soon (hair is getting dry, hair has broken/fallen significantly, unit is damaged/torn, etc).


Custom hair Systems:


Our Custom Hair Systems need 12 weeks to be produced so they need to enter production about 2-4 weeks after you start wearing your first unit to make sure it will be ready when your current one needs to be replaced.

Need Additional Help?

At any time before, during or after your first order you have access to our online/phone/video customer service. Please don't hesitate to get in touch with us and ask us any questions.


Check out the different way you can contact us at the bottom of this page. We will be happy to assist you