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Deciding to purchase a pre-made hair system or going for a custom one can be difficult for some people. Some are not sure which one would be best for them or they are afraid of making the wrong choice.

Here are some general things to consider that will help you chose:

  1. There is no “lesser” or wrong choice between pre-made or custom system. Some of our clients are thrilled with our pre-made systems as it fits their lifestyle and budget while others prefer a custom system because they require certain customizations.
  2. Both our pre-made and custom made hair systems are made with the same high grade quality hair, unique to OneHead.
  3. Both our pre-made and custom hair systems have a realistic, gradual hairline that is undetectable and natural looking.
  4. The best way to know if one or the other is best for you, your lifestyle and your personal tastes it to try them both.  Many of our clients who are eager to start the process and get their hair back go with a pre-made system because of it’s immediate availability and change to a custom system for their second order. This allows you to experience both and decide what’s best for you.
  5. One of the most important differences between a pre-made and a custom hair system is the limited options of customizability of the pre-made system.  We created them with the most popular customization choices to suit the widest range of your needs.
  6. Please look at the detailed comparison below, it will help you understand better the main differences between the two products and will make it easier to decide which is better for you.  Remember there is no wrong or lesser quality choice and you can choose a different type when you are ready to order your next hair system.

Pre-Made Hair Systems VS Custom Made Hair Systems

To help you decide which system to order, please download our PDF with the comparison between Pre-Made Hair Systems and Custom Made Hair Systems.