Custom Hair Replacement Systems | High-Quality Hairpieces for Men

    Custom hair replacement systems are available 10-12 weeks after the order details are confirmed, our customizable, ultra-realistic custom-made hair systems are crafted with high-grade Remy hair and designed based on a precise template of your thinning/balding area. 

    A custom hair systems order has unlimited customization options for hair color, length, density, waves, and curls. Natural, graduated-density hairline on all our premade and custom-made units ensures a very realistic look with any of our products.

    *Please note the USD 495.00 (or the displayed cost in your currency) base cost is for a standard, straight hair male hair system with the default 6 inches hair length and single hair color.

    Additional fees will incur for:
      1. Hair length above 6 inches
      2. Waving/curling 
      3. Special color design (highlights, dye-after hairline, double color, etc
      4. Density above 140%
      5. Base size over 70 inches square
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