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*Will vary depending on the desired hair length


12 weeks production time

Overall timeframe can vary if a template and/or a hair sample needs to be sent/received.


The average lifespan of our custom units is 4 to 6 months depending on the type base material, on the client's usage and lifestyle and on the maintenance given to the unit.

In average, 2-3 units/year will be needed.

Hair Type

Our premium custom hair systems are made of superior quality Virgin Remy European Hair.

Our exclusive and authentic hair source is what makes our product truly unique.

Base Material/Size

Every custom unit is build using a template of your head's balding/thinning area, ensuring a more personalised and perfect fit.

All our base material options (Lace/Skin) are available to choose and can be combined in different way according to your preferences and needs.

Hair Length


Length from standard 6 inches, up to 24 inches available.*

*Unit base price will vary based on the desired length (added to the standard default 6 inches).


Hair Color

Choice from over 100 colors.

Color matching process verified and made perfect with a hair sample.

Grey hair % from 5% to 100% available.

Custom grey hair distribution per zones possible (front, temples, middle, back, sides).

Colors combinations, highlights and any type of special color design possible.



Hair Density

Unlimited possibilities of density customisation.

Custom density customisation per zones (front, middle, crown, back, sides) possible, giving the hair system an ultra personalised design matching your natural hair density and desired look.


Wave/Curls and Style


Any desired type of waves or curls is possible; from straight hair to natural body wave to afro hair.

Various different types of hair direction and crown positioning to choose from: Freestyle, Left/Right/Center Crown or Left/Right/Center Parting.


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